Love Intended to Lift

Love Intended to Lift

God’s love is infinite, ever-present, and eternal. But in order for it to bless us, we need to meet certain conditions. 

photo by Jamison McAndie

photo by Jamison McAndie

As children of Heavenly Father, we receive Heavenly Father’s love eternally and constantly. But do we receive it unconditionally?

In his conference address “Abide in My Love,” Elder D. Todd Christofferson says that there are better descriptors—such as “perfect,” “redeeming,” and “everlasting.” The word “unconditional” suggests that God’s love is fully beneficial to us even if we are rebelling.

The thought that God’s love is conditional in any way may seem alarming. However, Elder Christofferson says, “God will always love us, but he cannot save us in our sins” (emphasis added). Sometimes we forget that. If we think that because God loves us we can do whatever we want without consequence, then we are abusing God’s love. When we abuse that love, it can’t do anything for us; Heavenly Father cannot bless us or put his trust in us.

In order to fully enjoy the blessings of God’s love, Elder Christofferson explains, “we must have faith in Jesus Christ and keep His commandments, including repenting of our sins, being baptized for the remission of sins, receiving the Holy Ghost, and continuing in the path of obedience.” God’s love is intended to lift us up and to help us become like him. Those things can happen only when we are doing our best to obey Heavenly Father and to repent of our sins.

God will always love us; however, he is unable to provide us with the full blessings of his love if we don’t obey him. The full blessings of his love are conditional. But never fear! Through his Atonement, Jesus Christ extends his arm of mercy toward us. His sacrifice can make our honest but imperfect efforts enough if we exercise faith in him. Because of our Savior, we can fulfill the conditions of God’s love, reaching the heights and receiving the blessings he has prepared for us.

Read or watch “Abide in My Love” by Elder Christofferson to learn more about the intent of God’s love.


—Lauren Allred, Mormon Insights

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